OpenReports is a powerful, flexible, and easy to use open source web reporting solution that provides browser based, parameter driven, dynamic report generation and flexible report scheduling capabilities.

OpenReports supports a variety of open source reporting engines, including JasperReports, JFreeReport, JXLS, and Eclipse BIRT, to provide support for a wide range of reporting requirements and capabilities. OpenReports also includes QueryReports and ChartReports, easy to create SQL based reports that do not require a predefined report definition. In addition, OpenReports now supports OLAP, via Mondrian and JPivot.

OpenReports provides a web based report generation and administration interface with the following features:

OpenReports report generation and scheduling capabilities are also available directly via the ReportService, a Service-oriented architecture (SOA) for report generation and scheduling. The ReportService provides the ability to quickly add reporting functionality to existing or new applications through a comprehensive and flexible API exposed as a SOAP web service and to HTTP GET/PUT requests.

OpenReports Professional, the commercial version of OpenReports, includes all the features of the open source version and introduces advanced functionality, including the Reporting Dashboard, Alerts, Conditional Report Scheduling, and Report Statistics at an affordable price point.

OpenReports is not being actively developed at this time. The source code can be downloaded from the SourceForge project page: